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From the infinity of space to the eternity of time to the possibility of the afterlife, both science and religion have attempted to answer a number of existential quandaries about our place in the universe. Yet these perplexing puzzles cannot be solved by anything provided in our limited three dimensional perspective. This provocative book by atomic physicist Dr. Nasr Saad proposes that a fourth dimension of existence can provide the perspective and comprehension necessary to arrive at logical answers to the unanswered questions of our existence. The Fourth Dimension of Existence draws on Saad's unique education. He is schooled in both philosophy and theology alongside his rigorous training in atomic physics.

I was sure that rational answers could only come from a perfect synthesis of the methodologies of the three major disciplines of the human mind: science, philosophy, and religion, says Saad. Most of the times they are in open conflict with one another in their findings and their conclusions; however, this situation should not be the norm all the time; these disciplines are the product of the human reason and the human reason is one. Saad feels that a thorough fusion of the methodologies of science, philosophy, and religion could yield logical answers to the questions humans have been asking themselves since the dawn of human consciousness. The author admits that the fourth dimension has a robust history of representation in science fiction. He mentions flatland and hyperspace among other fictional fourth dimensions to illustrate the rich and imaginative preoccupations of the human mind. He even explains the curved space-time fourth dimension that haunts the minds of science fiction mathematicians.Despite these intriguing scenarios, Saad feels there remains a fourth existential dimension that can bring a rational explanation to all our perplexing questions. His book is a guide to this possible reality and the various ways it could be ascertained.